Have you ever got this thought like ‘shit , I shouldn't have done that‘ or ‘oh no that was such a wrong choice‘ but the truth is that there is no wrong answer, wrong choice, wrong decision etc. Everything is meant to be so whatever you choose was actually meant to happen. Now how do u think astrology is there ,tarot reading, palm reading or just any kind of fortune telling. It’s all planned before you took birth you planned your whole life, you know what’s going to happen. You know everything .

Then where did all of that memory go ?

Well you eventually just forget it as you get older, But you still have that information deep within you just need to get it out. Because as you get older you get too much involved into this world which results in forgetting your past life memories and a lot more.

How to get the memories back and go deep within you ?

To do so all you need is to meditate . Now meditation is not just sitting at one place and closing your eyes with you back straight, meditation is focusing on one thing for a long-long period of time till you can see that it’s an illusion .


Now some of you might think like ‘eh that’s not possible at all’ but the truth is anything, ANYTHING is possible no matter what it is. Miracles happen .You can manifest anything you just need to believe. This kind of meditation can lead you to being the master of patience, happiness ,focus and so much more because you are an infinite being .

You know if you stop being guilty, leave all your regrets and grudges then trust me life is going to be much-much more easier. Whatever you think is possible. Anything is possible.

hope this helped you guys in some way or the other :)


she/her, just want to make the world a better place 💕